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Conduct fast, cost-effective, and comprehensive novelty searches with our AI-driven platform.

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Who Benefits from Our Solution?

Designed for innovators and protectors of intellectual property, our AI-driven platform revolutionizes patent novelty searches. Ideal for patent offices and law firms, as well as R&D departments in tech-forward companies, our solution offers thorough, rapid, and secure searches to support the patent application process.

For Patent Examiners: Enhance search accuracy and speed.
For Attorneys: Reduce costs and time for clients' novelty searches.
For R&D Teams: Seamlessly integrate searches into development cycles.
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Available Now

Automatic IP comparison tool.

This tool will leverage the technological advances with Machine Learning and Large Language Models to compare user uploaded documents and extract relevant technical overlap. This tool will accelerate your literature search during your IPR exploration phase to identify and specify the technical attributes of your future invention.

How it works

Step 1: Submit Your Claims & documents

Easily upload the claims of your invention along with the documents for the novelty search.

Step 2: AI Analysis

Our AI conducts a thorough search across a global patent database.

Step 3: Receive Your Report

Get a detailed report on the novelty and potential patentability of your invention.

About Our Technology

AI-Powered Precision in Every Search

Leveraging advanced machine learning, our platform scans millions of documents to deliver precise novelty searches in minutes.

Financial Efficiency

Enjoy searches at less than 10% of the traditional cost.


Transform weeks into minutes with rapid search results.

Comprehensive Service

Benefit from our ML's capability to analyze complex documents more accurately.


Trust in a platform that prioritizes the confidentiality of your innovative ideas.


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